Friday, April 29, 2011

Art on Products - Bird Art Prints

Birds are a popular choice for prints. Perhaps because they represent a taste of freedom, being able to fly through the air, most of them at least. They also offer an array of colors, as well as curiosity.

Baby chicks remind me of such curiosity. I remember being amazed when I used to visit my aunt and uncle's farm when I was a kid, with all the various animals.

Did you know that birds are intelligent? I read an article about crows that had figured out that the nuts would get cracked open if they were dropped on the highway where cars would drive over them. Some ingenious crows also learned to drop them down over crosswalks, and then to wait for the walker light to come before gathering their meal.

The black silhouette of a sea gull reminds me of the intelligent crow. I know that this was a sea gull because I had taken a picture of it while it was in flight. I might have thought that it was a crow if I hadn't known it already.

Birds come in all sizes. Some species also have long slender legs.

They also live in various habitats. Some migrate for different seasons, some don't.

Some birds stand tall with their colors, like the pink flamingo. Did you know that not all flamingos are pink? The babies are born white and change color over time.

Geese are known for flying in a V formation. The front geese works the hardest, and the others benefit from the lift from the first goose. They take turns being the leader.

Some ducks serve as models, like the mallard below. I saw this guy when I was at a park, and painted a picture of him.

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Hope you enjoyed your visit, and learned a thing or two about some of the different types of birds.

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Cheryl Paton