Monday, May 16, 2011

Art on Products - Drawings on Shirts

Many people buy drawings on shirts because they like simplicity, just a simple drawing. Others though, like to take it up a notch by adding their own creative touches to the drawing, and or coloring it in. Which is it for you? A simple drawing to enjoy, or one to color in or add more details to?

What color(s) would your ghosts be on this fun Halloween shirt?

Would this dog be carrying anything? What is he running on?

Would there be stars around your Pegasus horse?

What color would this Pegasus horse be?

Would you like to dream of being a pizza maker as you color in this shirt?

Or would you like to imagine zebras with different colored stripes?

The possibilities are endless, and fun can be had by all; whether you enjoy the simplicity of the drawing, or you let your imagination run free.

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Cheryl Paton