Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Art on Products - Local Farmers Market Promotion Products

This year I have decided to grow a tiered garden. It is a great size for small spaces, 4 foot by 4 foot, and it provides a variety of fresh vegetables that we can eat throughout the summer and beyond.

I also like shopping at our local farmer's market. I can easily pick up the freshest produce that I haven't grown in my garden.

In honor of farmer's markets, I've designed a drawing that can easily be utilized to help promote your local farmer's markets. It is printed on a variety of products, including canvas tote bags, t-shirts, magnets, postcards, and more. On the products that have text, the text is easily customized on the template form.

Click on the product link to see pricing.

As the other products become published, you will find them at: Farmers Market design by CherylsArt.

Do shop at Farmer's Markets? Are you a vendor at a Farmer's Market? Do you grow your own vegetables?

Thanks for sharing and stopping by.

Cheryl Paton