Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Art on Products - Cat Postage Stamps

If you love cats, you're apt to find some purr-fect postage stamps here for cat lovers. I love cats, and got my first one when I was two. I also love art, and here I have combined my two loves together.

Muffin is a black and white tuxedo cat. She reminds me of a queen.

Susie and Sugar, in abstract, loved giving each other kisses:

They also liked hanging out on the mini trampoline:

Susie was the inspiration for the kitten in the Christmas stocking. We adopted her the day after Christmas:

The smiling cats in a mandala kaleidoscope style, remind me of a fun coloring book page:

Wishing you a cat purr-fect day.

Cheryl Paton

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