Monday, June 11, 2012

Art on Products - Colorful Garden Coordinating Placemat Setting

The colorful abstract garden was fun to create. It started with lines drawn in a spiraling pattern, then adding shapes within the spaces. Once I filled in the spaces, a decided upon a garden. So I separated the area in to three different sections. The top would be the sun and sky, the middle would be the flowers, the lower part would be ground and grasses. I also added a stream.

Some spaces, I decided, had too many things in them, so when I started painting, I just painted over the extra lines, and painted flowers and such on top. What was created was colorful, abstract, and fun.

Here is the colorful abstract garden printed on a placemat:

I picked some of the flower designs and painted a larger version of them in a pattern, on the same color background.

Here are purple brassica flowers printed on a teapot:

Here are purple aster flowers printed on a mug:

Here are yellow daisy flowers printed on a coaster:

Here are yellow jasmine flowers printed on a plate:

Here is a different type of purple aster printed on a pitcher:

As you can see, there are a lot of options for mixing. Pick one design for everything, or mix it up with two or more of the designs.

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Let me know what you think; I appreciate it.

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Cheryl Paton