Saturday, July 6, 2013

Add Your Own Art to Blank Canvas Bags

Sometimes people want to add their own art to a bag. Perhaps a special photo to commemorate an occasion. Perhaps a drawing or a portrait. Perhaps a company logo. If you'd like to add your own art and/or text to a canvas bag, you can find out how, here.

Click on any of the items to see pricing and/or to purchase. Discounts may apply when purchasing larger quantities. If you use a promo code, you will receive which ever is the greatest discount.

To start with, you can select the bag style of your choice.

As you can see, there are different styles to choose from. You can click on any of the bags above, and then look to the right to see the rest of the styles.

Once you've selected your bag style, you can look below the bag selection area, and find if there are any color options to choose from.

Once that is selected, then click on Customize It.

From there, you can Add Images. Click on that and navigate to the picture files on your computer. You'll be able to upload one image at a time and move it on the canvas bag. Move the cursor to the corner of the image and click and drag on the corner box to increase or decrease the size. Move the cursor to the center of the image and click and drag the image to move it. Or you can use the plus sign in the center of the Plus Sign to center the image, or use the arrows there to move it up and down, and left and right.

You can also Add Text. To add text, click on that option; a text box will appear. Type in what you want on your bag, and click on Done. To choose a different font, click on the letter f. Scroll through and click on the font that you want, and then on Done. You can click on the text on the bag and use the corner boxes to adjust the size, or you can locate the number box to the right of the f, to select a different size font there. You can scroll through the numbers, or type one in, in the number box. You can move the text, the same way as described for the image.

You can choose the Color of the text. Make sure your cursor is on the text location, either on the bag, or on the title of what you have added. Then click on the color box, right after the number box. A box of colors will appear. Click on the color, then on Done.

You can set the paragraph alignment of your text, if it applies, by clicking on the lines, next to the color box.

You can rotate the text and/or the image, by clicking on the Curved Arrow, next to the lines. Make sure your cursor was last on the item that you want to rotate.

If you do this and have any questions, feel free to ask them here.

Happy creating.

Cheryl Paton
CherylsArt on Zazzle