Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Pizza Party Ideas and Supplies

Are you planning to have a pizza party, or pizza at a birthday party? Here are some fun invitations and ideas to help you out.

These pizza themed postcard invitations can be filled in by hand on the pre-printed form, or you can customize the text online before placing your order. They feature my painting of a whole pizza. The cover text can be customized to the type of party that you are having.

The pizza can be served up on fun paper plates:

Kids can color in their own pizza on canvas tote bags. The coloring design is also on canvas bags for coloring fun. I recommend fabric paint markers. There is less mess than with tubs and brushes. If you do the coloring activity, be sure to place a flat sheet of cardboard in between the fabric layers. It is also best for the painting to be done during the early part of the party so that the paint will have time to dry.

There's also a special apron for the chef:

Cheryl Paton