Saturday, September 27, 2014

Custom Autumn Halloween Thanksgiving Paper Napkins

It's that time of the year when the leaves are transforming into their fall colors, making landscapes of red, yellow, orange, and brown across the autumn sky.

It's time to think of Halloween and festive dinners. It's a fun time of the year to add some creative flare.

If you are planning a Halloween party, these happy pumpkins will be glad to greet your guests. I enjoyed creating these pumpkin faces; I like seeing cute happy faces.

If your event is a Halloween wedding, these pumpkins in love will be glad to portray your love to your guests. This cute couple are snuggled together and entwined in the pumpkin vines, giving them an extra look of love.

Napkins are not only functional, they can also be kept as a wedding memento. These are easily personalized with the names of the bride and groom, and wedding date on the template forms.

If your gathering is closer to or on Thanksgiving, these cornstalk and pumpkins harvest napkins will be there to protect your guests' laps. These napkins picture a simple drawing with the words, Happy Harvest. A simple drawing can reflect more on the message that you would like to convey. It can also be easily customized with your own words.

It was freeing and fun to paint these autumn leaves. These autumn birch tree leaves works well for Halloween, Thanksgiving, and any other fall occasion. The yellow, green, and brown shades reflect some of the colors of the landscape.

May you enjoy your autumn get-togethers.

Cheryl Paton