Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Valentines Chocolates Gift Box

It's sweet to give sweets to your sweetheart for Valentine's Day. Here you can choose from an assortment of designs on gift boxes of chocolates.

The chocolates themselves come as an assortment of premium Belgian dark and milk chocolate or you can choose just dark or milk chocolate. There are engraved heart designs in the candies and there are 45 pieces per box.

The greeting on these box tops say, Happy Valentine's Day, which can also be easily changed on the template form. Just click on the assortment link below, then click on the design of your choice. Locate the text field (It will be to the right of the design.), backspace over the text that is there and type in your own personalized greeting.

Most of the lids have a heart design on them, ranging from techie designs to more romantic ones. There are also other ideas for those who want something other than hearts.

The chcocolates (above), are shipped by Zazzle, and they have a 100% guarantee. Enjoy.

Happy Valentine's Day.

Cheryl Paton

Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Zebra Print Shirts

Here you will find a selection of zebra print animal shirts that you can purchase online.

This first one features an outline drawing of a zebra walking. The stripes and the body of the zebra are the same color. You can have some fun coloring in the stripes if you like, making your zebra any color that you like.

Here the black stripes of the zebra are already colored in.

Did you ever wonder what color if the black or the white part of the zebra is its real color? I did some research online, and found out that the black and white pattern is actually the zebra's fur. Underneath the fur, the skin of most zebras is black.

I added a turquoise teal color to the zebra print and enlarged it for this shirt design. They make a fun choice.

Here is a fun zebra shirt with the arms showcasing zebra stripes, and the head looking like it wraps around onto the front of the shirt. It comes in ladies sizes.

This all over zebra print has an appealing curve look to it. This shirt comes in junior sizes, small to xx-Large.

Did you know that no two zebra's are alike. I guess they're kind of like snowflakes, in that respect.

Are you feeling creative? Would you like to design your own zebra print shirt?
Here is an idea. Create a stencil first. Then place a sheet of cardboard between the two fabric layers. Paint in the design, with acrylic fabric paint or acrylic paint with a fabric textile medium added to it.  Then carefully remove the stencil. Then you can add any outlines or touch ups. Let the paint dry, then remove the cardboard. Follow the manufacturer's instructions for heat setting the paint, if that is required.

Here is a cute zebra print design for baby. The stripes are black on white, and the bodysuit is trimmed in pink.

Cheryl Paton

Zoo Themed Birthday Party Invitations

Congratulations on planning a zoo themed birthday party! When our daughter was little, it was extra nice going to the zoo with a group of kids. They seemed to have a lot more fun. A good tip is to have the kids wearing the same color tee shirts.

Here you will find birthday party invitations that you can customize online, and also ones that you can fill in by hand.

Be sure to check with the zoo to see how they handle birthday parties. Some will even have pavilions where everyone can meet, have cake, etc. Some may allow you to bring in your own snacks, some may want you to purchase your snacks there.

It's a good idea to send out your invitations approximately two weeks before the birthday party. If you are including a trip to the zoo, be sure to include an RSVP contact, so that you can plan on transportation, tickets, etc.

This first invitation features a tiger, with the text - Meet me at the zoo. There is plenty of space on the back to customize your details with your text.

This one shows a variety of animals, including giraffes, tigers, and elephants. It has lines on the back to either replace with text, or fill in by hand after you receive them.

The above invites were designed by me. You can check out other Zoo Birthday Invitations from other designers at zazzle.com.

Cheryl Paton

Monday, December 21, 2015

Valentine Postage Stamps

Here you will find a variety of choices for Valentine postage stamps. These stamps are legal to use within the United States and have met the USPS Guidelines.

This colorful design features a painting of layered hearts. The hearts are in different colors and are layered with a lighter or darker shade. Happy Valentine's Day is written across the hearts in white script letters.

This fun stamp uses a play on words. It features a painting of a honey bee enjoying a flower, with the text, Bee Mine written above it. There is a honeycomb design in the background.

This design showcases an abstract drawing of two cats. One is whispering into the ear of the other cat, Would you be my Valentine?

This one is for teddy bear lovers. It features a painting of a cute teddy bear wearing a red heart and red neck scarf, sitting by itself in a big comfortable chair, waiting for their valentine. The text says, Be mine.

This design is minty looking. It features two red hearts leaning in towards one another, in front of a red, white, and pink mint swirl design. Be mine is written across the hearts in pink.

Are you planning on a bouquet? This design features a painting of a flower and heart bouquet.

The above stamps can be ordered in different sizes and/or denominations.

Happy Valentine's Day to you and yours.

Thursday, December 17, 2015

Love Postage Stamps

Here you will find a selection of Love Postage Stamps. They can be used for weddings, anniversaries, sending mail to your sweetheart, and anytime you just want to send some love.

This first selection features a painting of purple and white hearts on a blended lavender background. The text is written in a script font. These are a great choice for weddings, anniversaries, and for sending some love.

If you like simple, then the light blue on solid royal blue may be for you.

This design features a bouquet with hearts and flowers, with the statement, I love you. This would be a great choice for sending love to your sweetheart.

If you are a computer geek, then you might like this techie design of a light green heart made with an outline of dashes.

This anytime design of the word Love with the o shown as a heart, is also especially a great choice for Valentine's Day.

This unique design shows a painting of a hand giving the sign language symbol for love, in purple.

If you want to send some encouragement and/or to let anyone know that it's okay to love themselves, you may like this Plaid Bunny stamp. Easter is also a nice time for using this stamp.

This design is more on the romantic side. It features the word Love written over a wave of red hearts on a blended pink background. This is another great choice for your sweetheart.

Check out other Love Stamps by CherylsArt at Zazzle.

May you have a love filled day.

Cheryl Paton

Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Parrot Themed Birthday Party Supplies

Here you will find options for parrot themed birthday party invitations, along with ribbon, wrapping paper, and activity and gift ideas.

The main design is a colorful outline drawing of a parrot. For the invitations, you can choose from two sided invites and postcards. The text on each features an area to fill in the details by hand, or text can be typed in, in place of the lines - using the template forms.

An activity idea is for some unique coloring ideas. The outline parrot is printed on tee shirts, canvas bags, and cotton aprons. They can be colored in using fabric paint markers, or painted in using fabric paint and brushes. The paint markers make less mess. If you use paint brushes, then you will also need bowls of water to rinse the brushes in between the colors, and paper towels to dab them off.

Gift ideas include personalized door hangers and watches.

You can see the current choices here:

If you would like this design added to any other product(s), you can either let me know through my Zazzle store (you can use the link above), or email me at creative-brushstrokes@comcast.net.

For some color and decorations, colorful parrot windsocks will add a nice touch, also colorful streamers. This windsock is weather resistant; it measures 11 inches wide by 22 inches tall.

You can also create your own hanging birds from paper plates. The video features a dove, but you can add color to the bird and make it be a parrot. The kids can also have fun coloring the wings. It can be a pre-cake activity.

Another activity idea for the kids is to also play the REPEAT Game. Have one child think of a sentence and have them whisper it in the ear of the child next to them. Each child then repeats what they heard by whispering it in the ear of the next child in line. At the end of the line, the last child repeats the sentence out loud, seeing if it is the same sentence as what the first child had said. Then have the first child move to the end of the line and begin again with the child that was second in line. Repeat until all children have had a turn beginning with a sentence.

May you have a wonderful birthday celebration.

Cheryl Paton

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Calendars to Design Your Own on Template

Calendars are a fun way to share family photos and/or your own art. Here you will find a selection of calendars that you can customize online with your own images. There are various choices; you can choose to have a framed photo on your calendar pages, or no frame at all. You can also choose from three different calendar sizes: Small (7”x 5.5”), Medium (11”x 8.5”), and Large (14.25”x 11”).

You can choose your calendar year. Type in the year that you want displayed on your calendar (in the template box.) Then be sure to check the calendar start date (This field is displayed in the right side column.) to make sure the correct year will be incorporated when you design your calendar. Be sure to do this before you purchase.

You can also choose a different grid design. Once you're on the calendar design page, then Click on Customize for this option.

Each one can be personalized online, using the template forms provided. Be sure to update each page. You can also add text if you like by clicking on Customize, and then on Add Text. The text placeholder for the year that you'd like to create is provided.

This first calendar features the option to add one large photo per page without any frame.

This calendar features an assortment of frames to place your photos behind. The frames are different colors and include round, square, and rectangle shapes. These frames were made from paintings that I did.

This next one features a background color that serves as the frame for each page. Your picture sits on top of the background. Each page's frame is a different color.

This background color frame option is also ready in all white borders.

If any of your photos don't line up quite right, then click on Customize It. You can then re-position the photo and click and drag on a corner to re-size it.

Before uploading your photos, they print better when they are at least 300 dots per inch, and are roughly 13 inches for the longer length.

If you add text, you will also need to click on Customize. Then click on Add Text, type in your text, then click on f in the dialogue box to choose the font style. Choose your style first, then select the size of the font. You can also choose the font color by clicking on the rectangle near the font size box.

Happy creating.

Cheryl Paton

Monday, November 30, 2015

Tool Man Gifts for Handyman

Here you will find a selection of gifts designed for the handyman. The design features the words - Tool Man - spelled out using shapes of various tools. One design is a painting of the tools, the other is an outline drawing.

The tools included in the spelling are hammer, washers, square, putty knife, screw driver, tape measure, and nails.

The drawing is shown here on custom mugs. You can pick any mug style that you want. The design is printed on both sides. The painting design is also ready on mugs too.

The painting design is shown here on tee shirts. It can be ordered on any shirt style and/or color. Shirt styles also include hooded sweatshirts.

Some gifts can also be easily personalized. There is a template form to use on this personalized canvas tote bag.

You can view more of the products here, including neck ties, business cards, postage stamps, and more.

If you would like either of these designs or both of them, printed on any other products, you can either contact me through my CherylsArt store at Zazzle, or email me at creative-brushstrokes@comcast.net.

Cheryl Paton

You can also find some other product choices for the Tool Man design by CherylsArt, at Amazon:

Sunday, November 29, 2015

New Year Design Red Fireworks

Here you'll find a fun and festive selection of invitations for your New Year's Eve celebration, and custom greeting cards, stickers, stamps, and even pacifiers for any new babies coming in to the New Year.

This design comes from my own photo collection. The red is such a festive color and a great choice for celebrating the New Year. Here it is shown on custom, two sided invitations. The details are easily personalized on the template forms.

The pacifier is shown here in red, for any new babies arriving in the New Year. They come in a choice of 0-6 months and 6+ months. The back piece comes in a choice of white, blue, and pink. The text can be customized as the year, or personalized with the baby's name.

You can find this design on custom cards, postcards, postage stamps, and stickers, here:

If you'd like this design on any other products, you can let me know through my CherylsArtPhotos store at Zazzle, or email me at creative-brushstrokes@comcast.net.

Happy New Year to you.

Cheryl Paton

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Personalized From the Kitchen of Lid Stickers

Here you will find an artistic selection of personalized - From the kitchen of - lid stickers, as an extra touch for your tasty gifts.

Some have fruit designs on them, some simply have a decorative circular border, and there is one with an assortment of fruits and vegetables on that you can circle the main ingredient or ingredients if you like. There is also a holiday themed one designed for Christmas.

This first one shows a painting of a pineapple with your personalized info to the left.

For the smaller, shorter fruit, the text is usually under the fruit, as in the apple lid stickers.

This is the assortment design for you to circle any of the ingredients used in your dish.

There are decorative circular borders and also solid ones.

And this one is designed special for the Christmas holiday season.

You can browse the whole selection here; you can choose the sticker size.

May you enjoy your personalized gift giving. Receiving home made jams, jellies, preserves, etc., are always a nice treat.

Cheryl Paton

Monday, November 23, 2015

Geometric Fabric Prints by the Yard

Geometric prints can look so visually interesting. Here you will find a selection of colorful options of geometric designed fabric.

With each of these designs, you can choose your fabric type, including cotton, polyester, and linen fabrics. You can order by the yard, and also by fat quarter.

This first design features a diamond shaped typed pattern of green, blue, purple, and yellow. It also looks like a pattern of X's on their sides.

This next design features polka dots, with the various colors of dots also making a colorful menagerie in this geometric pattern. The colors include red, pink, yellow, green, blue, and purple.

This third design features ovals, swirls, and curved diamond shapes. It looks like the design is arranged in panels. The colors included are pink, yellow, blue, and green.

You can find these patterns and more, here. Click on any image to see the fuller layout.

Happy sewing to you. If you have any design request for fabric, I will see what I can do. You can either contact me through my CherylsArt store at Zazzle, or email me at creative-brushstrokes@comcast.net.

Cheryl Paton

The quilt squares below, from Amazon, can be ordered in 6 by 6 inch to 25 by 25 inch squares.

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Be Encouraged Encouragement Products

You'll find a selection of Be. encouragement quotes on various products here. Whether you're looking for a journal to carry in your pocket, a pin to wear, a poster to hang on the wall, etc., you'll find some simple and artistic encouragement.

Sometimes we need a reminder to just be. No more, no less. It's easy enough to read this message on tshirts. You can choose any shirt style and/or color, for kids to adults.

If you would like something to see that is more personal and private, a nice flameless candle can do the job. This LED candle comes in a choice of three sizes. Watching the glow and focusing on the word can be very meditative.

Some products also have extra encouragement, with - Be inspired. Be loved, Be yourself. These timely affirmations are printed on posters. The background color can be customized if you like, to fit your decor. The solid text statement can be customized on the template forms.

Here are some more Be. options to choose from.

If you would like this design added to any other products, you can contact me through my Zazzle store, CherylsArt, or send your request to me at creative-brushstrokes@comcast.net.

Cheryl Paton

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Holiday Christmas Aprons for Adults

It's fun to wear our holiday aprons to help us get in the fun spirit of Christmas. Here you'll find a selection of bib aprons, the ones that will also help to keep our tops clean, for adults.

This first design features a fun painting of a pug dog wearing a Santa hat and a red bow. She looks so happy and bright. There is a placeholder for you to add your message.

Do you have a person's photo that you would like to showcase on a holiday apron? Perhaps a baby's first Christmas, newly weds, a spouse, a pet? This colorful apron features Christmas balls with one of them serving as a picture frame, for a photo that you have stored in your computer. All you need to do is to click on the apron link, then on the word Change that is under the image placeholder. You can then search for the photo that you want to use. If you need to adjust the size and/or position of your photo, click on Customize It and you'll be able to move and/or re-size your image.

Do you like building snowmen or dream of building them? This fun snow couple will help you to reminisce and/or to imagine your snow creations. The text says, Happy Holidays, which can easily be customized on the template form.

If you are looking for a flower theme, we have the painted poinsettia flower in red and green.

Or perhaps you would like to showcase the jolly Santa Claus on your holiday apron.

Whichever design(s) that you prefer, you can order any of the above aprons on the apron style that is shown, or you can choose a different size or color. The adult aprons come in two size choices. The standard (shorter one) is 24 long by 28 wide; it comes to around hip level. The longer apron measures 30 long by 24 wide; it is longer but more narrow than the standard. The color choices are white, khaki, and yellow. The aprons are made of a 35/65 cotton-poly blend.

I own a turkey apron that I have purchased at Zazzle, and I have been quite impressed with it. It washes up well and doesn't need any ironing. Any splatters that I have gotten on it, I sprayed them with some Shout and threw it in the laundry; it always came out clean.

View more Christmas aprons by CherylsArt at Zazzle.

Are you feeling creative? Do you have a Christmas image stored in your computer that you would like to add to an apron? You can begin here. Once you click on the apron, then click on Customize It. You can then choose Add Image or Add Text. A tip for adding text, type in your text, then choose a font style that you like, then adjust the size.

May you have a blessed and happy holiday.

Cheryl Paton