Monday, January 12, 2015

Art on Products - Feel Good Affirmations

We all like to feel good, and/or better. Isn't it such a good feeling to have when you're feeling good!

However, if you're not, there are some things you can do to help improve the moment. One of those is actually just letting the thoughts be. Stop judging them, and just observe them.

And then, when it's not so difficult, start fostering some more positive thoughts. Focus on things that you like.

You may be wondering what this has to do with art. When I first started using affirmations, I found that I wanted something more. For me, it helped to have little pictures that went with them; my mind then made a quicker connection to them, and it also gave my mind an image. I liked that, and it worked for me.

If you like art, then that might work for you too.

It helps to be appreciative and/or loving. Think about a favorite pet, or when you felt loving towards someone (it can even be towards yourself.) It's nice to foster those kinds of feelings.

Rhymes are also a good way to make a positive connection to good feelings:

I have said this little rhyme often, to help me think of things that I appreciate.

And yes you are loved. It helps when you are also loving towards yourself. Give yourself a hug, a smile; you're worth it.

Sometimes we have to remind ourselves that we are loved, loving, and lovable. And then we may need to update our minds on what loving is - such as being kind, doing something nice, giving praise or a compliment to another, and/or to yourself.

When we teach our minds what we expect loving to be, we'll be more able to recognize the love in ourselves and then we can see more of it in our lives.

Smiling also helps. Think about something you like, or you could even just smile first. Sometimes the positive thought can also follow the positive action.

Cheryl Paton