Monday, January 12, 2015

Art on Products - Have a nice day

What day of the week is it? Is it Monday? Do you dread it or do you look forward to it?

Do you know the song that says, "Just another manic Monday. Wish it were Sunday. That's my fun day."

Well I decided to sing magic Monday in place of manic Monday, whenever I hear that song now. It does have a catchy tune, but Mondays don't have to be manic or bad in any way. Mondays can be fun too - time for a new start, time for a little magic, time for another day of fun,... Mondays can even be marvelous!

Right after Monday comes Tuesday. I haven't heard much said about Tuesdays, but I've decided that they can be terrific.

Wednesdays are usually referred to as hump day, meaning the first half of the week was up hill, and now it's down hill and smooth sailing. If you like thinking of Wednesday as hump day, then you might like to wear a camel shirt on that day. Or you could just think of Wednesdays as being wonderful!

Not much has been said about Thursdays, other than - Tomorrow is Friday. How about we make Thursdays thoroughly good!

Most people already think that Fridays are fantastic. But add a little magical thinking in the mix, and then they can be fanciful.

Then the next day, Saturday, is bound to be sensational!

Sunday can be all about gratitude and good eats. In fact, Sundays can be just plain scrumptious!

So whatever day of the week it is for you right now, may it be a great one. Have a marvelous, terrific, wonderful, thoroughly good, fanciful, sensational, scrumptious, nice day!

Cheryl Paton