Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Say Thanks with Thank You Stamps

Looking for stamps that say, Thank you?

Whether it's for a Christmas present, birthday gift, wedding gifts, and/or for some other occasion, Thank you stamps are an extra way to convey your thanks.

People do like being thanked. I know I do. This fun bubble design comes in aqua blue.

I had fun painting the circles and bubbles. They look so bright and fun to me.

Many people say thank you with flowers. This stamp features a painting of a yellow lily.

Sometimes the thanks isn't actually what it was intended for... For instance, our cats were certainly thankful for the decorated Christmas tree, although we didn't intend it to be a play toy.

If you'd like to share, what type of general thing are you wanting to say Thank you for?

Also, if you have a design request for Thank you stamps, you can email me at

If you're looking for the rubber kind on wood blocks, check out these Thank you stamps.

Cheryl Paton