Saturday, January 17, 2015

Unique Easter Postage Stamps

Here you will find a fun and unique selection of postage stamps for Easter.

A lot of people think about Easter eggs when they think of Easter. This colorful choice features my watercolor painting of this popular item. Each egg has its own unique design with complimentary colors.

Some people also think of the Easter bunny. This unique painting of bunny rabbits shows two rabbits sitting in the grass, facing each other. The simple text above them says, Happy Easter. The text is written in yellow, which is similar in color to the grass highlights and the yellow flowers growing wild in the grass.

The text can be easily changed on the provided template form.

If you are trying to think less about chocolate this Easter, I recommend strawberries. They have some sweetness and offer a nice alternative.

This teddy bear looks to be in agreement. He is sitting in an arm chair next to a big strawberry! He is also wearing a pink heart and is ready to send some love.

Happy Easter to you!

Cheryl Paton