Tuesday, February 10, 2015

A new star design is unfolding

The image came to me while I was doing a meditation. It will be a dark navy blue with silver stars. I think the stars may be outlines as opposed to colored in. We shall see how that unfolds.

I already had a white canvas pre painted with white. Since the blue that I selected is on the transparent side, I based coated the background with a lighter shade of blue. I put on two coats to make it more solid.

It was pretty with the highlights showing through, but that wasn't what I was going for; at least not this time.

So my second coat is drying, and I shall add the top coat of navy once that is dry.

As the design unfolds, I will update this particular blog and show you how it turns out.

Update 1: The first two base coats have dried and I've just added the darker blue.

You can see the difference in the two colors. I did a brushstroke of the darker blue, down at the bottom, below the tape, to show you what it would look like directly on the white. You can tell that it's more transparent there.

I will probably add a second coat of the darker blue before I start adding the stars.

Update 2: I did add another coat of the darker blue. I decided to make the stars be more of a border design so that text can easily be showcased and read.

I went with smaller stars towards the center and increased their size as they moved outward.

I was planning on the white just being a base coat for silver, so that the silver would show up better and brighter. Now I have to decide if I want to stay with white stars or make them silver.

I painted a test area of blue on which I'll paint both a white and silver star, to help me decide.

Update 3: I decided to keep the stars white, and added pearlizing medium to them for a little gloss and sparkle. I also added an extra star to give the center opening more of a heart shape. That was something that just unfolded. I love those kind of surprises.

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Hope you enjoyed reading about my process and progress.

Cheryl Paton