Friday, February 13, 2015

Graduation Stamps for the Class of

Graduation rolls around a couple of times a year. The most common time is the one in the spring, but some college students may also graduate in the fall semester, and also possibly over the summer.

No matter when they graduate, or what year, you can find custom postage stamps here that can be easily customized to correspond to the year that they are graduating.

This nice basic design features a painting of a cap with tassel, and a placeholder for you to add the year. The year can also be replaced with a short name.

Click here to find more color choices for this cap and tassel stamp.

This lively design also features a diploma that is tied with a red ribbon. The graduates sometimes get very lively once they have reached this milestone.

For graduates that are either young and/or more playful, the Mickey Mouse design might be more to their liking.

On these thank you stamps, the graduate can share their photo as part of the stamp design. That would make a special keepsake.

Look at more Graduation Stamps at zazzle, where most designs can be easily personalized.

Cheryl Paton