Monday, February 16, 2015

Peace Day and Peace Stamps

It's official. September 21 has been declared a Day of Peace. It is not connected to any religion or religious holiday.

You can check out the video here.

I had also heard about a movement in the United States for Peace to get part of the budgetary pie. I agree that Peace should definitely be part of the budget. Perhaps if we sent Congress members some Peace Pies, more of them would get in board.

Do you think they'd like chocolate pie with a whipped cream peace sign?

Or perhaps they would like meringue and/or cherry.

Or perhaps they would prefer flowers.

We can also send peace signs to one another. The more images that we have of peace, the more that peace will be in our minds.

Perhaps one day, the United States will decide to re-arrange the fifty stars on the U.S. flag into a sign of peace.

Perhaps we'll all join in and sing Peace Train, by the man who used to be known as Cat Stevens.

Whichever is your preference for sharing and spreading thoughts of peace doesn't matter, as long as at the heart of the matter, is that we all remember these wise words: Peace begins with me.

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Cheryl Paton