Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Fruit Designs on Water Bottles

These stainless steel water bottles are decorated with food art. They can also be customized.

The bottles are refrigerator safe, but are not meant for the freezer. They are certified to be free of harmful chemicals.

You can change a background color, the color strip that goes around the bottle, and / or pick a different color water bottle.

This whole pineapple design is shown off on a light yellow strip, which looks pretty refreshing.

The strawberry painting is a takeoff on egg shapes. It looks pretty cool on the red bottle.

The purple grapes are accented well with the lavender strip and the blue bottle.

I also like the apples on the red bottles. The apples alternate between being sliced and whole, except for where they meet on the back. They almost seem to look like they're floating on the red.

The color choices for the bottles are stainless steel, white, red, orange, apple green, electric blue, blue, and black.

They come in a choice of two sizes, 18 ounce and 24 ounce. They are 100% BPA free, and are crack proof and spill proof.

The lids are threaded.

All the fruit designs were painted by Cheryl Paton, a.k.a. CherylsArt on Zazzle.

If you would like another fruit design created, you can let me know in the comment section below, or email me at

Cheryl Paton