Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Fun Cool and Modern Patriotic Postage Stamps

Here you'll find a cool selection of postage stamps for the 4th of July.

Many people think of fireworks when they think of Independence Day celebrations. The colorful patterns that light up the sky are so pretty.

The yearly celebration is to commemorate the independence that was won when America broke away from England's rule, and our flag was still there.

People seem to love the stars and stripes pattern, and like seeing them in in new and fun ways.

I especially like the patriotic, red, white, and blue flower design. It's pretty cool and modern. I made the flower design to represent that the United States is evolving.

The reason that America broke away from England was to live more peaceful lives. The people wanted to have more freedom of choice in religion. To help us along I created a peace flag for the United States. The peace sign is made of 50 stars, and the the red and white stripes number 13. It can be nice to remember where we've come from, but it's also fun to think about and plan for a better future.

Which is your favorite design?

Cheryl Paton