Friday, April 17, 2015

Personalized Add Photo Birthday Stickers

It's fun to share photos, especially of the birthday person's photo. Guests can have commemorative stickers to take home with them, and or readily see who the party is for. In fact, you can also personalize these stickers with an age, year, name, etc.

Balloons and birthdays just seem to go together. This sticker features a balloon shaped frame painted in lavender to showcase your photo. This one is a fun choice for any age. A vertical photo will work best for this design.

This design features a balloon party hat to sit upon the birthday person's head. It's a fun choice for anyone who is a kid at heart.

This confetti design is also perfect for any age. There's lots of room at the top and bottom to add your own personal greeting if you like.

Do you know a princess that is waiting to be crowned? You can position her photo under the yellow crown. A wider, horizontal photo works best for this frame.

Each of the above designs can also be customized with text. Just click on the design of your choice, and then click on Customize. You can then add text, and then choose your font, font color, and size.

Also, if the photo doesn't quite line up or is in a different direction than desired, click on Customize. You can then click on the image and drag it to the location that you want. You'll also find a box with a plus and minus sign, after you've clicked on the image, that you can click on to adjust the size. There is another box that has numbers in to change the rotation of the photo.

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Cheryl Paton