Thursday, May 14, 2015

Beach Scene Wall Clocks

This beach scene is from a painting that I did of a sandy beach with gentle ocean waves, and a blue sky. You can choose from a variety of options here for your wall clock choice.

This first version features light colored numbers on a square clock. It comes in a choice of three sizes: 10 by 10 inches, 13 by 13 inches, and 15 by 15 inches.

It has a shiny finish and is made of scratch resistant aluminum, making it lightweight. It is purchased from Amazon and requires a single AA battery.

This next option features larger numbers that are black. It comes in a choice of round and square. The round version comes in a choice of two sizes: 8" diameter (medium) or 10.75" diameter (large.) The square version is 10.75 inches. These clocks require one AA battery which is not included. These are purchased from Zazzle and are printed with an AcryliPrint®HD process.

Sand Ocean Sky Waves Beach Wall Clock
Sand Ocean Sky Waves Beach Wall Clock by CherylsArt

With this one you can have the option of easily customizing the message, and it also pictures a fun pair of sunglasses laying in the sand.

Browse more Beach Wall Clocks at Zazzle.

Cheryl Paton