Monday, May 4, 2015

Fun and Creative Painting Kits for Kids

It's fun for kids to get their creative juices flowing with paints. Even if a kit is paint by number, kids can still add their own creativity to it, by adding some highlights and/or shading; or even a new element in the painting.

Here you will find painting kits geared towards a variety of age groups for kids, and even for the kid in adults.

Kids can create a Van Gogh inspired sunflower painting with this kit. It includes acrylic paints, oil pastel crayons, stencils, a specially designed Van Gogh roller, two sheets of paper (16 by 20 inches), and a re-usable box with magnetic closures.

This kit is especially great because you can use the stencils and rollers again and again. Just purchase extra paper, canvas panels, etc. Reviewers have mentioned kids ages 4 through 10 have enjoyed doing this kit.

The stencil can either be taped in place to let the kids paint while the stencil is held down, or the stencil can be used for tracing, and then painting the design in after the stencil is removed. A tip is to use low tack painters tape to hold the stencil in place.

Some of the families that enjoyed the sunflowers kit also liked the Starry Night Painting Kit. One customer mentioned that there was enough paint in this kit to do three paintings, but you will need to purchase extra paper if you want to paint three.

If you child likes to hold an object and/or likes trains, then they would probably enjoy this 3d paint kit. Some reviewers have said that 2-3 year olds were able to paint the train, but will need supervision. The paint is acrylic, so keep in mind that the paint will also be permanent on clothing, etc.

Also let them know that an adult probably painted the train shown in the picture, and that theirs' will probably look different when finished.

If your child would like to have their art displayed to the world, or well the neighborhood, then they might enjoy this window painting kit. It does take some extra instruction and also probably some supervision, but it can be pretty and also sparkly. The nice thing about this is that you can also use sheet protectors to paint on and then move them around.

This window painting kit includes eight colors of glitter paints and two containers of outline paints. Note that the thicker that the paint is applied, the longer it will take to dry. It is recommended for ages 6 to 96.

Is the kid in you ready to paint a wall? This kit comes with stencils to add your own farm animals to the wall. You can either tape the stencils in place and paint through the stencil, or trace the stencil outlines using watercolor pencils, and then painting them in after the stencil is removed.

A tip is to save some extra wall paint, i.e. the sky and grass color, to do any touch ups once the painted animals and barn has dried. This can be a fun idea for painting a nursery or a young child's bedroom.

I hope you have liked my painting suggestions. If you'd like to browse some more, please visit painting kits for kids at Amazon.

Cheryl Paton
fellow artist