Friday, May 1, 2015

Pin Stripes Bath Mat and Bath Set

Looking for a colorful accent for your bathroom? Check out this pin striped design on bath mats, and matching toothbrush holder and soap dispenser.

The stripes are red, pink, yellow, green, and blue, with bits of white peaking through.

The bath mat comes in a choice of three sizes, including, 16 by 24 inches, 20 by 30 inches, and 24 by 36 inches.

The bath mat is made of memory foam and has a quick drying foam core. It also has a non skid backing and is machine washable. The mat is made for use outside of the tub.

The additional color on the bath set is white. The toothbrush holder can hold up to four toothbrushes. The top of the soap dispenser is made with stainless steel. The same design is printed on each piece, and is ordered as a set.

There are lots of designs in my Zazzle store, CherylsArt. If you would like any of my current designs added to the bath mat and/or bath set, you can contact me through my Zazzle store, leave a comment in the comment section below, or email me at, and I'll be glad to design it for you.

Cheryl Paton