Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Cute Halloween Postage Stamps

It's fun to have Halloween parties, whether they are spefically for Halloween, and or for a birthday party. I'm all about them being fun and cute myself, and have selected some fun and cute Halloween stamps for you to use on your invitations and such.

This first one is designed for the thinkers. I actually painted this design for my husband's office door at work. It features a skeleton sitting on top of a pumpkin, thinking. The pumpkin is looking up, wondering what is sitting up there. A black cat is rubbing up against the side of the pumpkin.

This next design features a painting of three smiling pumpkins, ready to wish your recipients a Happy Halloween. Each face is different and cute!

This fun design features a painting of kids dressed up in cute costumes; they are ready to let the invitees know that there is a party to attend. You can even add a date to the text.

This cute and happy pumpkin is decorated with a cat face. It is sitting in among green pumpkin vines.

This cute and friendly cat is dressed up as a wizard, and the pumpkin is wearing a ghost cape.

Are you planning a birthday party around the time of Halloween? These fun stamps are easily personalized.

View more Cute Halloween Stamps by various artists at Zazzle.com.

Cheryl Paton