Monday, August 24, 2015

4 Ways - How to Paint a Mosaic Painting

Mosaics, by nature, refer to stones, tiles, etc., that have been cut apart, and then mortared together to achieve a picture. Although artists of various kinds can also make mosaics that don't require stones. One of the techniques to use is paint. Here I'll share with you four different ways that you can create a mosaic painting. Each one has their own unique look.

In this first technique, I painted my "stones" by painting variegated colors on sheets of canvas. You can use a variety of colors, and give them different colors, blends, and/or textures to find the look that you are going for. I then drew my design on a new sheet of canvas, cut my "stones" apart with scissors, from the painted canvases. Then I glued them in place to make my Eiffel Tower design.

Here it is pictured on a drawstring backpack.

With this next design, I started with an initial butterfly drawing, and painted in strips of color on the wings, and a darker color on the body. I then applied a crackle medium for acrylic paints. After it is applied, the paint will start to separate and little lines will appear - making the paint look like it is breaking apart. That is the beginning of the mosaic look here.

I then went in and painted the cracked areas of the body, with black.

I added a lighter mortar colored paint to outline the colors on the wings. Here it is printed on tee shirts. You can choose any shirt style, color, and/or size.

In many mosaics, the glass has a see through or translucent look.

In this flower painting that I did, I used a floating medium for acrylic paints to achieve a translucent look. It is a clear gel like liquid, that helps acrylic paint to look like water colors. You can also use extenders and blending mediums, but I prefer the thickness of the floating medium for this technique.

You can mix it directly into the paint, or as I did in this painting, apply it directly to the canvas first, and then add apply the paint on top of it, while both are still wet.

Once I got my "cut tiles" filled in, I outlined the pieces in black. Here it is printed on greeting cards.

The first mosaic painting that I did was one of gem stones.

I started by drawing circles on my canvas. That was going to give me the foundation for arranging the "gem stones."

There was no crackle medium or floating medium used in this painting. All the shading and highlights were done simply by blending the acrylic paint directly on the canvas.

In this mosaic painting, the "tiles" do not fill in the whole area. Also, I made some of the stones round, which would normally be kind of hard, if someone were cutting out actual tile. However, mosaics can be made from a variety of mediums, including round stones and pebbles.

Once I completed this painting, I varnished the black area with a matte varnish, and the stones with a glossy varnish, for an enhanced effect.

Which is your favorite look? Which technique would you like to try?

Cheryl Paton

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Clean Dirty Dishwasher Magnets

Dishwasher magnets, when used correctly, makes life a bit easier. No longer does someone have to ask the question - "Are the dishes in the dishwasher clean or dirty?" They can simply look at the magnet to see which word is right side up.

I can vouch that once my daughter and I got into the habit of turning the dishwasher magnet around to reflect the type of dishes that were inside the dishwasher, our lives became easier and more friendly.

Now on with the designs. This first one features a cute blue and yellow fish swimming in clean water and dirty water.

This next design is for sports fans; it features a baseball with the words Clean and Dirty on it. The dirty word is written to also look dirty.

The silver and blue bubbles and stars design looks clean; the other direction looks like it needs scrubbing.

The teal design features a circular diamond pattern, with the words Clean and Dirty written in black. The background is white.

This design features decorative pink plates, one clean and one dirty. It is shown on a flexible magnet.

The dishwasher magnets above are ordered from Zazzle, and they can be customized if you like.

The following magnets are ordered from Amazon.

May your life be a bit more enjoyable, and your kitchen more decorative.

Cheryl Paton
CherylsArt at Zazzle

Monday, August 17, 2015

Custom Baby Announcement Stamps

Whether you're announcing a baby boy, girl, or twins, you can find custom stamps for your envelopes here.

If you like simple, then this simple blends of pink can work for you. It features soft blends of pink and highlights.

This blended design also comes in blue.

For something a bit more stylish, you can choose the bubbly cloud look that frames the blended colors. Here it is shown in blue.

It also comes in pink.

Another basic design is this striped look, in aqua. It is a nice unisex design. You can customize this with your own announcement.

See the pink stripes, it's a girl version here.

Any of the above designs can be customized to say, It's twins.

This unique design works for when there is one of each. It features the statement, It's both!, with the bo written in blue on the blended blue background, and the th written in pink on the blended ink background, side by side.

This next design features two baby rattles, pink for girls, and there is a blue version to announce twin boys. The text can also be customized to say, It's twins.

If baby has already arrived and you have a photo, you may also consider the Add Photo Stamps. Here is the photo frame design in blue.

You can see it here in pink.

You can check out more baby announcement postage stamps by CherylsArt here:

May you have many happy memories of this special time in your lives.

Cheryl Paton
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Thursday, August 13, 2015

45th Sapphire Wedding Anniversary Stamps

Sapphire is both the traditional and modern gift for the 45th wedding anniversary. Here you will find postage stamps that display this royal blue color. They are a great idea for your party invitations and/or announcements.

This first design features a mesmerizing design of various shades of blue, including sapphire, with lights and darks, and illuminating looking highlights that shine in from the corners. 45th is written in large light blue text on the abstract background.

This second designs features two sapphire hearts, side by side, as if sitting on the ocean blue, with a light blue sky and a soft rainbow in the background. 45 Years is written in white text across the sky.

If the couple are bird lovers, they may enjoy the pretty peacock. The male has an array of colors including what looks to be sapphire blue. They males are more colorful than the female which is known as a peahen, so that can be more attractive to her.

May you and your loved ones have a wonderful celebration.

Cheryl Paton

Friday, August 7, 2015

Personalized Baby Bibs to Decorate

Here you will find personalized baby bibs that you can also decorate. Each one has an outline drawing design on it which can be used as a guide for embroidery stitching. The bibs can also be used as they are, if you don't want to stitch them.

There is a placeholder on each bib for you to easily customize the name. You can then embroider the name too, if you like.

This first design features a yellow coreopsis flower with long green leaves. The coreopsis flower is large and has uneven petals. The center of the flower is orange; the letters of the name are also orange.

The second design is a sailboat in the water, with little waves in front of it. The design is printed in black, and you can use any colors that you want for your embroidery stitches.

This third design features an owl sitting on a branch. It is shown in colors; you can use those as a guide if you like.

The fourth design depicts star shaped fireworks, which is great for any celebratory occasion, and also for the 4th of July and New Years.

It's so nice to give and receive personalized gifts for baby. I still have the stitched gift that a friend had made for my daughter, from over 25 years ago.

If you would like any of my other outline drawing designs added to a baby bib, you can check them out at CherylsArt. You can then either contact me through my Zazzle store or send me an email to

Happy stitching.

Browse more baby bibs by CherylsArt at Zazzle.

Cheryl Paton