Thursday, August 13, 2015

45th Sapphire Wedding Anniversary Stamps

Sapphire is both the traditional and modern gift for the 45th wedding anniversary. Here you will find postage stamps that display this royal blue color. They are a great idea for your party invitations and/or announcements.

This first design features a mesmerizing design of various shades of blue, including sapphire, with lights and darks, and illuminating looking highlights that shine in from the corners. 45th is written in large light blue text on the abstract background.

This second designs features two sapphire hearts, side by side, as if sitting on the ocean blue, with a light blue sky and a soft rainbow in the background. 45 Years is written in white text across the sky.

If the couple are bird lovers, they may enjoy the pretty peacock. The male has an array of colors including what looks to be sapphire blue. They males are more colorful than the female which is known as a peahen, so that can be more attractive to her.

May you and your loved ones have a wonderful celebration.

Cheryl Paton