Sunday, November 1, 2015

Baseball Birthday Party Invitations and Ideas

One of my favorite things to do when I was a kid was playing baseball with the neighborhood kids. We'd all end up meeting in the field that was near our house and start playing a friendly game of baseball. It didn't matter that we didn't have enough players to make two complete teams. We played ball with whoever showed up. I would have loved having such an activity for my birthday party. I'm sure other kids would love it too. Any number of players will do; it's all for fun.

To get you started, I have designed simple birthday party invitations on postcards that you can customize online or delete the text and fill in by hand. It's a good idea to send them out two weeks before your party date.

You can order matching baseball party stamps too.

Fresh veggies sticks will be a good idea to have as an appetizer before the game playing begins. It's quick and simple and adds some healthy snacks for game time energy.

For after the game, you can serve cupcakes or cookies; they are both easy for the kids to grab and can be easily decorated to look like baseballs. If you're not the baking kind, you can also order personalized baseball themed cookies. The name is easily customized on the template form. These cookies are baked fresh to order and come individually wrapped to preserve freshness.

If you want paper plates for the snacks, these can also fit your party theme. The background color on any of these items can be customized. I chose blue to represent the sky and green for grass.

Another great snack for after a game of baseball is watermelon; we used to love seeing how far we could spit the seeds. There could even be a little contest for this, having the kids all line up and spitting their seeds across the grass. Then you can provide favor bags; everybody's a winner.

You can find more matching baseball themed birthday supplies here, including napkins, ribbon, and wrapping paper:

Happy game day!

Cheryl Paton