Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Calendars to Design Your Own on Template

Calendars are a fun way to share family photos and/or your own art. Here you will find a selection of calendars that you can customize online with your own images. There are various choices; you can choose to have a framed photo on your calendar pages, or no frame at all. You can also choose from three different calendar sizes: Small (7”x 5.5”), Medium (11”x 8.5”), and Large (14.25”x 11”).

You can choose your calendar year. Type in the year that you want displayed on your calendar (in the template box.) Then be sure to check the calendar start date (This field is displayed in the right side column.) to make sure the correct year will be incorporated when you design your calendar. Be sure to do this before you purchase.

You can also choose a different grid design. Once you're on the calendar design page, then Click on Customize for this option.

Each one can be personalized online, using the template forms provided. Be sure to update each page. You can also add text if you like by clicking on Customize, and then on Add Text. The text placeholder for the year that you'd like to create is provided.

This first calendar features the option to add one large photo per page without any frame.

This calendar features an assortment of frames to place your photos behind. The frames are different colors and include round, square, and rectangle shapes. These frames were made from paintings that I did.

This next one features a background color that serves as the frame for each page. Your picture sits on top of the background. Each page's frame is a different color.

This background color frame option is also ready in all white borders.

If any of your photos don't line up quite right, then click on Customize It. You can then re-position the photo and click and drag on a corner to re-size it.

Before uploading your photos, they print better when they are at least 300 dots per inch, and are roughly 13 inches for the longer length.

If you add text, you will also need to click on Customize. Then click on Add Text, type in your text, then click on f in the dialogue box to choose the font style. Choose your style first, then select the size of the font. You can also choose the font color by clicking on the rectangle near the font size box.

Happy creating.

Cheryl Paton