Thursday, December 17, 2015

Love Postage Stamps

It's fun to send a simple act of love. It can be as simple as adding a love postage stamp to your mailings. Along the way, the mail people can be blessed as well as the recipients that you are contacting through the mail - companies that you are sending payment to for a product and/or service that you benefit from, and or notes and letters to family members and friends.

Your message doesn't have to contain anything romantic inside. It can be a simple conveyance that there is love and that you wanted to express it in a simple way.

This first stamp features the word Love spelled out in white letters outlined by a colorful line around each letter. The background is bright yellow and the thin border is violet. This type of design can be for anyone at any time.

Another way of expressing love is simply saying, Thank you. Companies that you send your payment to that have provided a product or service that you enjoy and or benefitted from, can benefit from a simple thank you.

This design features a light green heart drawn with dashes, on a terracotta brown background. Thank you is written in a lighter shade of this green, inside the heart.

Sometimes it's nice to let others know that they are loved, even if not personally by you, but they can be. This design features a heart made of purple dots with, You are loved, printed in a similar color font.

If you do have a romantic love in your life and they are away for a time, then sending them some extra reminders of your love, can enhance their day. This design features a painting of a bouquet of flowers and hearts, with the words, I love you, written in red under the bouquet.

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May you have a love filled day.

Cheryl Paton