Monday, December 21, 2015

Valentine Postage Stamps

Here you will find a variety of choices for Valentine postage stamps. These stamps are legal to use within the United States and have met the USPS Guidelines.

This colorful design features a painting of layered hearts. The hearts are in different colors and are layered with a lighter or darker shade. Happy Valentine's Day is written across the hearts in white script letters.

This fun stamp uses a play on words. It features a painting of a honey bee enjoying a flower, with the text, Bee Mine written above it. There is a honeycomb design in the background.

This design showcases an abstract drawing of two cats. One is whispering into the ear of the other cat, Would you be my Valentine?

This one is for teddy bear lovers. It features a painting of a cute teddy bear wearing a red heart and red neck scarf, sitting by itself in a big comfortable chair, waiting for their valentine. The text says, Be mine.

This design is minty looking. It features two red hearts leaning in towards one another, in front of a red, white, and pink mint swirl design. Be mine is written across the hearts in pink.

Are you planning on a bouquet? This design features a painting of a flower and heart bouquet.

The above stamps can be ordered in different sizes and/or denominations.

Happy Valentine's Day to you and yours.