Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Valentines Chocolates Gift Box

Yes, this may sound cheesy, but it's sweet to give sweets to your sweetheart for Valentine's Day, especially when you can pick out her or his preferred type of chocolate. Here you can choose from milk chocolate, dark chocolate, and or an assortment. You can also pick from a variety of designs on the gift box.

The assortment includes premium Belgian dark and milk chocolate or you can choose just dark or milk chocolate. There are engraved heart designs in the chocolate. There are 45 pieces in the assortment box and one large bar in the dark or milk chocolate only boxes.

The greeting on the box tops say, Happy Valentine's Day, which can also be easily changed on the template form. Just click on the assortment link below, then click on the design of your choice. Locate the text field (It will be to the right of the design.), backspace over the text that is there and type in your own personalized greeting.

Most of the lids have a heart design on them, ranging from techie designs to more romantic ones. There are also other ideas for those who want something other than hearts.

I designed the artwork on the boxes above. The chocolates (above), are shipped by Zazzle, and they have a 100% guarantee. Enjoy.

Happy Valentine's Day.

Cheryl Paton