Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Fathers Day Presents

Welcome. Here I will give you some gift ideas for your dad for Father's Day.

A simple gift is a set of pens that celebrate your dad. He can have a pen for the office, for home, to take with him, etc. Happy Father's Day is written in a brown and black weave text on each pen:

If your dad has a sweet tooth, he'll appreciate the thought with these shortbread cookies, designed with him in mind. Each is individually wrapped and are baked the same day that they are shipped:

Does your dad travel and/or go to the gym. This personalized bag will come in handy.

Is your dad handy with tools? This tool man mug features a painting of the words Tool Man, spelled out with various tools. You can choose from various mug styles, here:

Dads are most special, simply because they heart their kids. This special jacket features the word DAD, with a frame type box, embroidered on the upper left front.

Whatever you decide to give your dad, make sure to include a hug. Here is a greeting card that you can personalize, to go along with your gift.

Wishing your dad a Happy Father's Day.

Cheryl Paton