Monday, April 18, 2011

Art on Products - Cake Art Designs

When many people think of art, they think of paintings on canvas and such. It used to be that if one was a cake decorator, they knew how to make rose petals and rolling ribbons on top of the cake.

Happy Birthday Toddler postcard
Happy Birthday Toddler by Sandyspider
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Today, cake decorating has taking on a whole new meaning, and cake decorators have become artists in their own right. Instead of painting on traditional canvases though, icing and fondant has become their canvas of choice. And the cakes have taken on a whole new dimension. Once traditionally round or rectangle, cakes can now be shaped like cars and sport racing stripes, or shaped like a cruise ship for a bon voyage. The cake decorator has become more of an artist.

When cake decorators don't have the time to design an artistic business card, what do they do; they take advantage of the talents from another kind of artist, and let them do the painting:

Then have more time to sit down an enjoy a beverage in a favorite cup:

So they can then get back to their other talent, baking wonderful cakes:

Cheryl Paton
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