Friday, February 27, 2015

Dark Fashion Ties for Men

These fashion ties also offer a bit of artistic flare, giving the wearer some other colors to highlight the print.

This first design features an abstract design of blacks, grays, and white. The pattern almost looks like a wave that blends in and out of each other. It looks to form contrasting layers that are layered horizontally. It will look nice with a variety of dark suits.

For more of a traditional look with a bit of a modern flare, is the polka dot pattern of white on brown. The polka dots are in various sizes, and gives a pop of contrast on the dark tie.

For more of an abstract and rustic look, is the tile shapes in various dark shades, that look like they are outlined with mortar. The tiles are painted in shades of tans and browns. If's a great look for someone who is in construction, and still wants to wear a tie.

All of these ties measure 55 inches in length, and are four inches wide at their wides point. They are made of a silky 100% polyester fabric. There is no minimum order.

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Cheryl Paton