Monday, February 23, 2015

Irish Dinner Party Ideas and Invitations

Shamrock Image is by the author of this page.

Welcome to my Irish Dinner Party Ideas. Here you will find ideas from start to finish for an Irish dinner, including the invitations. These ideas will be both vegetarian and non-alcoholic, as well as green.

For an appetizer and or as a side, you can have broccoli sticks (the outer layer of the stalks removed), celery sticks, and or asparagus spears. You can also use the broccoli florets or save them for the stew. A nice dill dip will go very well with these and will also offer an additional shade of green.

As a side, you can have boiled potatoes with green cabbage. The cabbage will help to flavor the potatoes nicely. If you want some extra flavor, you can toss in some diced mushrooms and your preferred seasonings. The cows get to stay home on this one. This would go very well with vegetarian chicken patties which can be the main course, if you like. Sometimes, all that we have are vegetables, and that is plenty.

For another main course option, you could make a vegetable stew. Be sure to add some green such as broccoli, brussel sprouts, green onion, green beans, peas, etc. Portabella mushrooms work great to amp up the flavoring for a more hearty vegetarian stew. For extra heartiness, you can add some beans, like Northern or Cannellini. ,If you like bread, you can make some Irish soda bread to dip in the stew. However, if you are adding beans to the stew, that will probably be filling enough without the bread.

For dessert, I recommend a yellow or butter cake, with a bit of green food coloring, and flavored with mint. Yumm.

For the beverage, you could have green tea (without it being green.) Choose decaf or regular, depending on your preference.

That should be enough for a healthy meal where everyone can have plenty to eat and still feel healthy afterwards.

The invitations are easily customized online, with your specific details.

These shamrock stamps will let your guests know that they're invited to a shamrock, Irish themed party. The text says, You're invited, which can also be easily changed to RSVP, etc., or the text area can also be left blank.

If you want paper plates for easy clean up, you can choose from seven and nine inch sizes.

You can also find matching shamrock napkins by CherylsArt at

May you have a wonderful time having a healthy green Irish dinner with your family, friends, and/or neighbors.

Cheryl Paton