Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Personalized Cookies for Graduation

Looking for a sweet treat to help commemorate your child's graduation, and for someone else to do the baking? Then your wishes have come true.

These cap and tassel cookies are the perfect online solution. These sugar cookies come pre-decorated, and personalized with your own message, that you type in yourself.

Each one is individually wrapped; they stay fresh for up to two weeks. They measure 3-1/2 inches across and are ordered in multiples of one dozen.

This first design features a red cap and tassel.

They also come in the blue and yellow combination.

Orange cap and yellow tassel.

Black on black.

Silver Gray Cap and Black Tassel.

Gold Cap and Green Tassel.

The text on the template form is easy to modify or delete.

If you have a different color request, you can submit your request in the comment section below, or email Be sure to mention Graduation cap and tassel color request in the subject line.

If you are wondering about the flavor and/or texture of these cookies, a reviewer has said that they were very pleased with each bite and that they were also nice and flaky. The images are both decorative and edible.

Check here for a balloon graduation cookie design for graduates.

Cheryl Paton