Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Coloring Business Cards to Color In

So you're waiting with your child or kids and you want to have something handy for them to do, that only takes up a little space. They're bigger now and don't necessarily want the coloring books. What's a parent to do?

A teacher is wanting a fun activity, either as a reward, or just to help kids be occupied that finished their work early, etc. What's a teacher to do?

Pull out some coloring business cards and colored pens or fine tip markers, and let them color away.

These designs are printed on business cards, so they come 100 to a pack, for the standard and chubby sizes. Don't worry about there being repeat designs. Kids will like making new colorings with these little designs, and either keep them all to see their progress over time, or give them away.

Okay, so this one seems rather basic, but I'm sure the younger ones will want to do what the older kids are doing too.

Older kids can color in fancy sails.

The flowers on these can be a different color each time, or even covered with stripes and polka dots!

Here is a fun design for Halloween, featuring a cat face on a pumpkin.

I have tested colored ink gel pens and markers on my business cards, and as long as you don't immediately wipe over the color, it adheres pretty well. However, you might want to pre-test your coloring instruments before handing them over to the kids.

Check out more coloring business cards by CherylsArt at Zazzle.

Do let me know if you have any outline drawing requests for these coloring business cards.

Cheryl Paton