Thursday, March 6, 2014

Fun Painting Activities for Kids

"What is there to do," was a favorite of question of mine to my mom, when I was a kid. Sometimes it was the weather, a scheduled break in the school schedule, and sometimes just for wanting something fun that isn't a chore.

If the kids are older and want to do more than color, then they are probably ready to paint, especially if it is something that they can also wear.

You can let your imagination run wild, and be prepared, with activities that have long lasting appeal. Painting in designs on tee shirts is a great answer.

This toucan bird is ready for some color:

I have found that acrylic paint pens work the best for this activity. Although it can also be done with acrylic fabric paint and paint brushes. Either way, remember to place a flat sheet of cardboard between the two layers of fabric before the painting begins.

For something that can be hung afterwards, there are outline drawings on wrapped canvas. Those that are feeling more creative, they can also add their own added details; such as grass and trees for this camel, zebra, and elephant drawing.

I recommend acrylic paints and a variety of brushes. It's nice having some flat edge brushes as well as ones with small tips.

Let the creativity begin.

Cheryl Paton