Thursday, March 26, 2015

Star Tortoise Info and Shirts

My family and I had gone to Dublin, Ohio for vacation one year. While there, we went to the Columbus Zoo. I took along my camera for artistic inspiration and came upon this magnificent looking turtle. I took its picture and moved along.

Once home, I tried to identify this type of turtle. After much searching, I finally typed in tortoise instead of turtle, along with black, yellow, and the best word to describe the pattern on its back - star - and low and behold, I found its picture and its name. This animal is called a Star Tortoise. Here is a painting that I did that is printed on tee shirts.

The star pattern that I saw had raised areas, making the overall shell appear bumpy. However, some types of star tortoises have smooth backs.

Although called a Star Tortoise, the stars don't all look the same. What Star Tortoises have in common is the overall dark background with a yellow pattern. Some of the yellow patterns are more star shaped than others. Some even look more like a diamond.

On some Star Tortoises, the yellow markings are rather thin, and on others they are bold.

The Star Tortoise lives in a habitat that is dry for at least three months out of the year.

The Star Tortoise lives in temperatures that range from 90 to 95 degrees Fahrenheit in the warmest area to about 80 degrees in the cooler area of its habitat. At night the temperature ranges in the low to mid 70s. They also like some vegetation to protect them from the mid-day sun.

The diet of the Star Tortoise may range from fruit and vegetables one part of the year, to grasses and decaying flesh another; both providing different vitamins and minerals for its sustained well being.

More Info
If you are interested in the care of tortoises, this book can help you out. It also covers info on how to tell the male from the female tortoise.

This illustrated coloring book includes facts as well. It is written for children ages 6 and older and includes some coloring fun.

Cheryl Paton

Sunday, March 22, 2015

Plaid Bunny Rabbit Shirts and Bags

Bunny rabbits are so cute and adorable. A dwarf rabbit that we had was the model for this drawing. Peter, our rabbit, just provided the shape. I only added the colorful plaid lines on the drawing. : )

The colorful plaid represents that we are all made up of many layers and colors. Here is the design printed on body suit shirts for baby. You can also choose any shirt style, including shirts for teens to adults; and any color and size. It makes a cute design for Easter.

If your child likes to hunt for Easter eggs, the canvas bag will be a cute choice to gather the eggs. The text says, I love plaid, and it can be easily customized with the child's name or text of your choice, on the easy to use template form.

You can see more plaid bunny products by CherylsArt at If you would like this design added to any other products on Zazzle, you can contact me through my Zazzle store, or email me at

Cheryl Paton

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Personalized Cookies for Graduation

Looking for a sweet treat to help commemorate your child's graduation, and for someone else to do the baking? Then your wishes have come true.

These cap and tassel cookies are the perfect online solution. These sugar cookies come pre-decorated, and personalized with your own message, that you type in yourself.

Each one is individually wrapped; they stay fresh for up to two weeks. They measure 3-1/2 inches across and are ordered in multiples of one dozen.

This first design features a red cap and tassel.

They also come in the blue and yellow combination.

Orange cap and yellow tassel.

Black on black.

Silver Gray Cap and Black Tassel.

Gold Cap and Green Tassel.

The text on the template form is easy to modify or delete.

If you have a different color request, you can submit your request in the comment section below, or email Be sure to mention Graduation cap and tassel color request in the subject line.

If you are wondering about the flavor and/or texture of these cookies, a reviewer has said that they were very pleased with each bite and that they were also nice and flaky. The images are both decorative and edible.

Check here for a balloon graduation cookie design for graduates.

Cheryl Paton

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Pens for graduation gifts

Personalized pens make nice graduation gifts. They can feature the cap and tassel colors that match your student's school. It's also easy to type in the year of their graduation.

This particular design of a cap and tassel comes in a choice of six color combinations. There is a placeholder to type in the name and the year.

For extra options, you can also choose from black, blue, and red ink; as well as from black, blue, green, pink, and red trim colors.

If you're giving these pens out as gifts to the class, you can either type in each person's name, or delete the name and just type in the year.

A lot of students aren't in to jewelery or ties, so a pen is a handy choice, and something that they can also get some use out of.

You can view the various graduation pens by CherylsArt at

If you would like the cap and tassel design made in any other colors, you can submit your request in the comment section below, or email Be sure to include Design Request for Graduation Pens in the subject line.

Congratulations to your graduate.

Cheryl Paton

Graduation Address Labels and Seals

Congratulations for the graduate(s) in your life. Here you will find address labels and matching envelope seals. Each one can be easily personalized online.

They feature a painting of a graduation cap and tassel in various color combination to coordinate with a variety of schools.

If you need one designed in a different color or color combination, do let me know and I'll be glad to make that available for you.

This first design features the red graduation cap with a matching tassel, on address labels.

Gold and Hunter Green is one of the combination colors.

The blue and yellow combination is shown on the seals.

Black on black is a popular choice. It also shows how they can look personalized with a name.

These lavender swirls stickers are a fun choice to indicate that a celebration is in order. They remind me of the scenes in movies when the graduates toss their caps up into the air.

See all the graduation labels and more by CherylsArt at

If you have a design request for CherylsArt, you can submit it in the comment section below, or email me at

Congratulations to you for participating in this milestone celebration.

Cheryl Paton

Thursday, March 5, 2015

Red Apple Custom Home Decor

A red apple design looks so fruity and fun. Here you will find a selection of items for the home including custom throw pillows, lamps, and fabric to make your own curtains and/or other accents. There are also links to find more matching red apple products to go along with your decor.

This red apple pillow features a pattern of apples on one side and a single large apple on the reverse.

The background on both sides is pink, and it can be customized.

The lamp also features a repeated pattern on the same pink background.

The lamp shade is 20 inches high by 7 inches wide.

The fabric also features a pattern of apples. As with the other products, the background color of pink can be customized. The orientation of the apples can also be customized.

You can let your creativity run wild with your own fabric. The design can be printed on up to ten continuous yards.

As promised, here is the link for more red apple products by CherylsArt at If you happen to be browsing for more items, on March 5, 2015, do come back. More products should be posted by March 6.

Do let me know if you'd like the red apple design featured on any other products, and what background color you would like. You can either let me know in the comment section below, or by emailing me at

Happy decorating.

Cheryl Paton

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Fruit Designs on Water Bottles

These stainless steel water bottles are decorated with food art. They can also be customized.

The bottles are refrigerator safe, but are not meant for the freezer. They are certified to be free of harmful chemicals.

You can change a background color, the color strip that goes around the bottle, and / or pick a different color water bottle.

This whole pineapple design is shown off on a light yellow strip, which looks pretty refreshing.

The strawberry painting is a takeoff on egg shapes. It looks pretty cool on the red bottle.

The purple grapes are accented well with the lavender strip and the blue bottle.

I also like the apples on the red bottles. The apples alternate between being sliced and whole, except for where they meet on the back. They almost seem to look like they're floating on the red.

The color choices for the bottles are stainless steel, white, red, orange, apple green, electric blue, blue, and black.

They come in a choice of two sizes, 18 ounce and 24 ounce. They are 100% BPA free, and are crack proof and spill proof.

The lids are threaded.

All the fruit designs were painted by Cheryl Paton, a.k.a. CherylsArt on Zazzle.

If you would like another fruit design created, you can let me know in the comment section below, or email me at

Cheryl Paton

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Fun Cool and Modern Patriotic Postage Stamps

Here you'll find a cool selection of postage stamps for the 4th of July.

Many people think of fireworks when they think of Independence Day celebrations. The colorful patterns that light up the sky are so pretty.

The yearly celebration is to commemorate the independence that was won when America broke away from England's rule, and our flag was still there.

People seem to love the stars and stripes pattern, and like seeing them in in new and fun ways.

I especially like the patriotic, red, white, and blue flower design. It's pretty cool and modern. I made the flower design to represent that the United States is evolving.

The reason that America broke away from England was to live more peaceful lives. The people wanted to have more freedom of choice in religion. To help us along I created a peace flag for the United States. The peace sign is made of 50 stars, and the the red and white stripes number 13. It can be nice to remember where we've come from, but it's also fun to think about and plan for a better future.

Which is your favorite design?

Cheryl Paton

Personalized Confetti Photo Birthday Invitations

These colorful invites are fun for any age. The confetti design is from a painting that I did, and it serves as a frame for the birthday person's picture.

All you need to do is upload a photo, using the change image button, that you have stored in your computer.

The back of the invitation is ready to be personalized online, and also features the confetti design surrounding your text.

Your birthday person can even have their photo on matching postage stamps.

If they're not quite ready to have their photo be seen on envelopes, a colorful RSVP stamp will work.

Cheryl Paton