Thursday, March 26, 2015

Star Tortoise Info and Shirts

My family and I had gone to Dublin, Ohio for vacation one year. While there, we went to the Columbus Zoo. I took along my camera for artistic inspiration and came upon this magnificent looking turtle. I took its picture and moved along.

Once home, I tried to identify this type of turtle. After much searching, I finally typed in tortoise instead of turtle, along with black, yellow, and the best word to describe the pattern on its back - star - and low and behold, I found its picture and its name. This animal is called a Star Tortoise. Here is a painting that I did that is printed on tee shirts.

The star pattern that I saw had raised areas, making the overall shell appear bumpy. However, some types of star tortoises have smooth backs.

Although called a Star Tortoise, the stars don't all look the same. What Star Tortoises have in common is the overall dark background with a yellow pattern. Some of the yellow patterns are more star shaped than others. Some even look more like a diamond.

On some Star Tortoises, the yellow markings are rather thin, and on others they are bold.

The Star Tortoise lives in a habitat that is dry for at least three months out of the year.

The Star Tortoise lives in temperatures that range from 90 to 95 degrees Fahrenheit in the warmest area to about 80 degrees in the cooler area of its habitat. At night the temperature ranges in the low to mid 70s. They also like some vegetation to protect them from the mid-day sun.

The diet of the Star Tortoise may range from fruit and vegetables one part of the year, to grasses and decaying flesh another; both providing different vitamins and minerals for its sustained well being.

More Info
If you are interested in the care of tortoises, this book can help you out. It also covers info on how to tell the male from the female tortoise.

This illustrated coloring book includes facts as well. It is written for children ages 6 and older and includes some coloring fun.

Cheryl Paton