Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Color in Kids t-shirts Activity

Does your child like to color? Do they like to display their works of art? Do they like wearing their art? If you have answered yes to any of these questions, then your child or children will also probably enjoy coloring in pre-printed designs on tee shirts.

On these shirts, the designs are basic, allowing the child to more easily create. Perhaps they want to add polka dots or stripes to their creation. Maybe they would like to add in background features, shading, cross marks, or add their own toppings to a pizza shirt.

I used to host birthday parties at a local craft store, and I was rather amazed and impressed with the children's creativity when they were just given basic designs to work with. A simple outline drawing, like this lizard outline, can spark the child's imagination.

No two beginning designs ever looked alike once the children were finished with their creations.

I recommend using fabric paint markers. They are relatively easy to use and are usually less messy than painting with brushes. If you do prefer brushes though, then I recommend fabric paint that comes in the little bottles. Whichever paint you decide on, check the labels for any additional instructions, like heat setting the shirts after they have dried.

Also, it is best to pre-wash the shirts first, without the use of any fabric softener, to help the paint adhere better.

I have used the fabric paint markers by Elmer's before, and have had good experiences with them. Just be sure to recap the marker when shaking the paint up, and to pre-test on a rag or sheet of paper to get used to the amount of pressure to apply, first.

Whichever method you use, be sure to lay flat cardboard under the layer that is being painted on to protect whatever is under it, from any paint bleed through.

May you have a fun experience with your children and their painting project.

Here are more outline drawings on tee shirts to inspire your child's creativity.

Cheryl Paton