Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Koi Fish Designs on Shirts Puzzles and More

Koi fish are so interesting looking. I was inspired by some of them at a park that I had visited and decided to make these designs here.

The ones that I saw were either a mix of orange and white or orange and black. The background of their swimming area was shades of green.

Since I wanted to paint a school of fish, I decided to group them together as if they were having a meeting - like in a school.

Here they are pictured on a puzzle. You can choose from an 8 by 10 or 11 by 14 inch size.

Sometimes the prep work can be an artistic design as well. I had taped in the fish with blue painter's tape before I painted the background; they turned out pretty cool. Here they are printed on tee shirts.

Before they were all taped in, they started out as outline drawings. Here they are printed on lunch boxes, which works out pretty cool, a school of fish going to school!

Which is your favorite version of the koi fish design?

You can see more koi fish designs in my CherylsArt store at Zazzle.

Thank you for your visit.

Cheryl Paton