Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Love Tee Shirts for the Whole Family

Find Love and I Heart T-shirts, for all kinds of love, printed on the tee shirt style and/or color of your choice.

You'll find both stylish and fun love tee shirts for the whole family. Many can also be customized. Designs include Animals, Sign Language, I love you, Things that Go Together like Mac and Cheese, and more.

For the shirts from Zazzle, you may also choose a different style, dolor, and size. For simplicity, you'll find the Zazzle options first, followed by selections from Amazon.

The first design here features an I heart giraffes shirt, with the heart decorated with giraffe spots.

For a more universal design is the sign language symbol for I love you, in pink. The hand print also comes in green, blue, and purple.

The love hand design is also ready in a circular pattern, with I love you, printed in the center.

Another universal design is the God loves you shirt. One day when I was praying and thanking God, I felt an electrical chill run down through my body. It felt invigorating and I knew that this magnificent energy of Spirit, did not care what color I was.

On a more humorous note is the Mac and Cheese loving each other. They go so well together!

Here are some love shirts on Amazon. These can change from time to time.

Hope you felt some love while you were here and perhaps found a smile or two. : )

Cheryl Paton