Friday, June 12, 2015

Wall Clocks for Baby Rooms

Having a clock in the baby's room, nursery is a big help for parents and caregivers for the baby. One can easily look up and see what time it is without having to get up and go to another room, or move your arm to see the watch on your wrist.

A good question to ask yourself before purchasing a clock for the nursery though, is - Do you want one that ticks or one that is silent.

Some people like the ticking of a clock and find them soothing. This may also help baby sleep better, it may be reminiscent of hearing a heart beat. I have heard that people sometimes use ticking clocks to help puppies sleep.

From what I've read, the clocks from Zazzle do tick, but it is not overly loud, meaning they could hear it if they were near the clock but not when they were across the room.

The clocks from Zazzle have a low ticking sound, and can also be customized if you'd like to add any text.

For a soothing look, the blends of light blue surrounded by cloud and bubble shapes can be a pretty accent. This design also comes in pink.

For a pretty polka dot design, there is the shades of pink option with red numbers. This design also comes in blue.

Another idea that I also find pretty and relaxing is the blends of lavender with pink and lavender spheres.

Any of the clocks above can be ordered as round or square. The round option comes in a choice of two sizes - 8 and 10.75 inches in diameter. The square option measures 10.75 by 10.75 inches. The hands on these clocks are black, and there is a tick. They are made of acrylic. See more clocks by CherylsArt at Zazzle.

A clock for the baby's room is both a pretty and functional gift. Is it time for you to get one?

Cheryl Paton