Monday, July 20, 2015

Kids Color Birthday Party Ideas

Kids love to color and paint. They also like something that they can take home with them as a keepsake.

If you are having a birthday party for younger children, then coloring or painting on paper is fine. You'll find lots of variety with this coloring book of 50 unique designs. The tear out sheets are extra large at 11 by 14 inches. Per an Amazon reviewer, the paper is great for crayons, markers, and watercolor paints. The backs of the pages are blank.

Watercolor pencils and some various shaped brushes is a fun way for the kids to paint with watercolors.

If you are planning a coloring party for older kids, then you may consider a craft type project. There are various painting kits that you can get that vary according to age range.

Rock painting kits are a fun choice for both boys and girls. The ideas that the kids can come up with are endless, from shapes to animals, cars, etc. You can even invite the kids to bring a rock with them. (Do have some extra ones on hand though, just in case.)

Acrylic paints are a good choice for painting rocks if you need extra or are planning to get your own rocks. Aprons or old t-shirts to cover up the kids clothing will help reduce any paint mishaps.

Pre-printed outline designs on shirts, aprons, and canvas bags, also make a fun painting/coloring choice. I say coloring for this idea, and also for the rocks, because the kids can also use acrylic paint markers. There is usually less mess with paint markers. If you are buying your own, make sure that the markers are okay for painting on fabric.

There are lots of designs to choose from, or you can purchase blank tees and have the older kids do their own drawing. Be sure to place a flat sheet of cardboard between the fabric layers to avoid paint bleed through.

When I used to host birthday parties at a local craft store, the kids always loved the painting parties. Even if they started with the same basic kit, each child added their own individuality to their creations. Everyone was always engrossed in their own painting. Paper plates were provided as palettes. The acrylic paint was easily squirted onto the plates to give each child their own color choices.

A major tip for any type of painting activity, is to have the kids do their painting at the beginning of the party, so that they paint can be drying while they are playing games, eating snacks, etc.

If some kids get there early or are still painting while others are done, have them sing some songs. They find it quite entertaining and it helps to keep everyone occupied and in the same area.

Cheryl Paton