Friday, May 20, 2011

Art on Products - Patriotic Shirts

Many people choose to show patriotism to their country. Many countries were started because people of an original country either decided to leave it or were shipped off by their original country. Whatever the reason, the new country that formed seemed to have gained a sense of freedom, and thus began their patriotism.

I, myself, am from and live in the USA. I love my country and I think it would be great for everyone to love and respect all countries. With the patriotic flower design, I wanted to convey a new way of thinking; a love that blossoms and grows:

In the United States, our celebration of Independence is on July 4th:

Do you have an Independence or Freedom Day in your Country? When is it and how do you celebrate it?

In the United States, fire works displays are popular events in the evening.

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Cheryl Paton
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