Monday, June 20, 2011

Art on Products - Happy Thoughts and Designs

I love happy thoughts and designs. I love looking at, giving, and receiving cheeriness. I planted flowers along the edge of my backyard so I can see their vibrant colors when they are in bloom. How about you. Do you love cheeriness and happiness? If so, you'll probably like what I found when I searched on happy for this blog.

First we begin with, Be happy, it's a good feeling. It's such a wise thought:

Next we go to the one major holiday of the year, when most people think happy and merry thoughts, Christmas. Add a photo to this fun magnet to commemorate a happy occasion:

For happy holidays, the next runner up is Happy Maaa Day:

Speaking of mothers, more happy thoughts can come with fun family reunions:

This frog brought a happy smile to my face as soon as I saw it. How about you?

Birthdays are another time to celebrate happy:

Love this cheerful clown; he'd make a cute addition to any birthday gift:

I found this saying to be so perfect - Happiness held is the seed, happiness shared is the flower:

The sunshine of happiness can be found anywhere, including on this lovely tie:
Sunshine Tie tie
Sunshine Tie by SayItNow
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Sometimes happiness is in the season:

or in sharing friendship:

But wherever we are, whatever the occasion, and whatever time of the year it is, we can always find happy. Because wherever we are, we are always connected to the spirit that connects us all:

May you find happiness and enjoy being happy every day of your life.

Cheryl Paton
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