Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Art on Products - Positive Affirmations

With all the self help books available, people have learned to start using affirmations. An affirmation is something that one affirms. The best ones are positive, and help the person the feel better and/or develop a more positive way of thinking.

A simple way of using affirmations is reading ones that have already been written, either by yourself or by someone else. To add some fun in reading affirmations, they can also be part of an artistic design. With the help of the internet and print on demand companies, these artistic affirmations can become stickers, magnets, and more, making them more enticing than the standard index cards and post it notes that I started with. : )

With this morphing mug, one can be gradually reminded that it's a new day:

A large poster reminds everyone in seeing distance, that laughter is the best medicine.

These bright idea light bulb stickers can help to encourage more bright ideas:

As you can see, there are numerous ways to encourage and reinforce the use of affirmations. Do you have a favorite affirmation? Is there a product that you would like to see it on? If so, leave your comment below, and I will design something for you. Then you can check out affirmations products to find your favorite.

All the best to you.

Cheryl Paton
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