Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Art on Products - Star Stickers

The star is a simple shape, usually drawn with five points. To many, the star has also become a symbol of status, perhaps because we look up to them in the night sky and become mesmerized by their simplicity and brightness. A famous actor becomes a star. An A student becomes a star student. A great performance becomes a star performance. Beyond simplicity, the star has also come to represent excellence.

Excellence is rewarded for a job well done:

A stellar lens on Squidoo is awarded a purple star:
Purple Star Cereal sticker
Purple Star Cereal by Sandyspider
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Purple Stars are also found in nature:
Purple Star sticker
Purple Star by bethd821
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Stars have become a symbol of various holidays, i.e. Christmas:

Stars can add a touch of elegance to saying Thank you:

Stars can display a happy face that encourages smiles:

Stars can come in a variety of colors and be used to display a special message:

Whatever your occasion, stars can have a place. Click on any of the star stickers above to purchase, or browse more custom Star Stickers here.

Cheryl Paton
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