Friday, September 23, 2011

Art on Products - Autumn Neckties, Shirts, Cards, Mugs, Letterhead, Envelopes

Autumn is the time of year when the beautiful colors have switched from flower blossoms to the leaves on the tree. Gone for a while are the bright vivid reds, yellows, and purples of flowers; for awhile we welcome the more subdued yellow, oranges, greens, and browns. Come help me welcome the season of Fall. Some of the first colors that I've noticed are reds and yellows, as depicted in this wonderful Autumn tie of oak leaves:
And the yellows and browns of Autumn Birch leaves, a wonderful way to send greetings:
Before the full blast of orange leaves, as shown on this I love Fall shirt:
For many, the true sign of Fall is the maturing of the pumpkins. This wonderful mug would be a great touch to have with a slice of pumpkin pie:
Do you love the contrast of the Fall colors with the beautiful blue sky. The text on this Autumn Letterhead can easily be customized for personal or business use:
Autumn leaves though, must at sometime fall; perhaps that is why Autumn is also called Fall. I'm reminded of fallen leaves on these beautiful envelopes. There is also matching stationery:
Most people will also say they think of cooler weather, along with thoughts of Autumn. This word of Autumn, on a long sleeve hoody, is designed from fall leaves:
One of the nicest things about Fall that I love though, is the thought of Blessings. Thanksgiving is just around the corner, and blessings are so important to think of, no matter the time of the year. Hope you enjoy this wonderful greeting card and all the thoughts of Fall:
Cheryl Paton
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