Friday, February 24, 2012

Art on Products - Rainbow Mosaic Butterfly

I knew I wanted to paint a rainbow butterfly, but I didn't know quite how I was going to do it. So I just let the thought ponder, and went on about other tasks at hand. Then one day, I had another idea. The crackle medium for acrylic paints. Yes! That's how I can do the pattern on the wings.

I drew the butterfly, from a side view, and base coated it with a cream like color. After that dried, I applied the Crackle Mediumcrackle medium.

After that was dry, I added a contrasting top color. As the top coat dries, the crackles will appear. The contrasting color helps the crackles lines to show through.

I had originally thought of painting the crackle lines in black, but after painting in my rainbow colors, I liked the look of the lighter color showing through. So after I painted all the rainbow colors, I painted the inbetween lines in white, and just the directional lines in black.

In my Corel Paint Shop Propaint shop pro, I erased the background color so the butterfly could print, without a white border. This way the customer can choose a different background color.

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Cheryl Paton
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